Gearing Up – My New Dice Masters Bling Early 2021

Custom Teen Titans Dice Masters Play Mat

Welcome to another entry to the Ministry of Dice’s “Gearing Up” article series. We love little trinkets and accessories to bling up our Dice Masters game and “Gearing Up” articles are little showcases of our new & exciting acquisitions to liven up our Dice Masters game play experience.

In this instalment we’re going to take a look at my January/February buys – with a little Christmas cash I hit the online stores and picked up a few items that I’ve had my eyes on for awhile AND I got a new custom item from my friend “Just a Dice Master” on Twitter.

Let’s start with the sleeves…

Upper Deck Marvel Card Sleeves

Upper Deck recently released a range of really cool Marvel Comics inspired card sleeves with some really awesome artwork on them. I’ve got a nice selection of Justice league ones but, because I’m a weirdo, I often felt a bit like it was a betrayal when I put a Marvel card in a DC Comics sleeve and I didn’t like doing it. (Believe me – I know how irrational that sounds LOL)

They’re pretty steep compared to the price of other sleeve ranges, but two pieces of artwork caught my eye and I just had to have them – the Black Widow and Wolverine ones. I’m not spending a great great on filling the car up right now so I thought “why not?”. Here they are adorning a couple of cards from a team I recently played against Andy… (kicked his ass with, incidentally ;P )

Upper Deck Marvel Comics Card Sleeves

Don’t they look lovely? they’re super good quality sleeves too with a nice clear matte finish that means they don’t reflect my lights so bad when I’m recording games for our YouTube channel. Honestly: it’s a bit silly for Dice Masters to have anything other than really basic sleeves (because they are always facing card up all the way through the game) but they’re so pretty I get my own little bit of satisfaction from them.

These are from a “phase 1” collection, there are some real beauties coming in the “phase 2” selection too – I’ve got my eye on the Venom and Rocket & Groot set (Love that Skottie Young artwork on there)…

I bought mine from Zatu Games here in the UK. We are a Zatu Games affiliate so if you fancy some of these sleeves of your own then buying them through the below link is a great way to support the Ministry of Dice…

Ministry of Dice Zatu Games Affiliate Link

Teen Titans Custom Mat

If you regularly consume my content then it won’t have escaped your notice that I have a keen fondness for the characters of DC Comics. It’s nothing more than nostalgic warmth; I became a comic book reader off the back of stuff like Tim Burton’s Batman and the Timm/Dini Batman Animated Series so got started out with DC Comics as a young lad and carried the soft spot into my adult years.

This love of DC Comics is shared by fellow Dice Masters fan on Twitter “Just a Dice Master” (@NewDiceMasters), who has a great eye for creating custom Dice Masters stuff, including play mats. One of his designs had caught my eye and, knowing I love to change it up on camera in our gameplay vids, he offered me this lovely piece of work…

Custom Teen Titans Dice Masters Play Mat

I’m soooo grateful to “Just A Dice Master”, it is a really bright and lively mat and it really pops when I use it on stream. It’s got some really awesome little attentions to detail in it too – did you notice that the text is just like the font from the Teen Titans cartoon?

All the different team line-ups and artwork really makes it a joy of a mat to use and I’ve already had it out on the table a good few times as my new hotness.

All of his play mat designs are on show across a couple of Imgur galleries that I highly recommend you check out. You can find them here:

Character/Team Themed Mats

Artist Themed Mats “The Signature Series”

Here’s a couple of my faves from the Artists “Signature Series” selection (I may be asking for the hi-res of the Batman one very soon LOL!)…

I’m telling you folks, they’re ALL that good. “Just a Dice Master” knows his comic books and knows how to turn them into awesome custom mats.

AND, if there’s any that you think you might like to print for personal use then “Just a Dice Master” has told me that he has hi-res versions available to send for the best printing outcome. Just track him down on Twitter and “slide into his DMs” and he’ll sort you out. What a lovely gesture – find him on Twitter at @NewDiceMasters.

Legacy Dice Tower

I’m onto my third Dice Tower for playing Dice Masters now. I started out with the Crystal Twister (which, despite it’s good looks was too flimsy), moved onto an eRaptor (which has started falling apart after years of solid use), and now I’m onto the Legacy Dice Tower.

Legacy Dice Tower

I’m a sucker for style and had to pick this up, even though I had to wait aaaaages to ship it over from the States. It’s such a good looking tower – check that frosty effect on it, so lovely. It’s also got these really sweet felt fittings that muffle the sound – perfect for late night online Dice Masters while the kiddies are asleep. It’s a very pretty bit of bling for my Dice Masters play.

Sadly my early impressions have not been great; despite its good looks I have to report that it’s proven a bit… well… rickety. The front & rear panels clip grooves are a bit too shallow and its proven a little too easy to pop out by accident. I forget myself and pick it up by the front/back and find myself sliding it loose unintentionally. I’ve also found it a bit shaky when compared to the sturdy body of the eRaptor.

I’m honestly a little disappointed, but we’ll see how it fares after a bit more use, and a bit of habit changing about how I pick it up so as not to loosen it up too much. Keep an eye out for one of my “1 Minute Reviews” of this tower over on our YouTube channel after I’ve played a few more games with it.

We’ve got more “Gearing Up” related content in the future with even more “One Minute Reviews” on YouTube and the second part of the “Show & Tell” Dice Masters accessories series in the works covering Deck Boxes, more Dice Towers, Dice Trays and more. You may also be interested in our “Gearing Up” section for online Dice Masters play – with loads of hints & tips to get yourself up & running on the virtual play scene.

Have you picked up any new & interesting gaming accessories to use in your Dice Masters gaming this year? I’ll bet you have (internet shopping is a great lockdown time-filler LOL) so let us know about it in the comments below. Let’s hear about your accessory recommendations…

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