MoDFiles – Your Monthly Dice Masters Update – March 2021

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The Ministry of dice “MoDFiles” newsletter is here! I know you’ve all been eagerly anticipating its arrival for March. We’re a couple of days this month (because February is shorter) but “better late than never”.

Our MoDFiles newsletter is designed to give a quick monthly summary of what’s been going on Dice Masters-wise in the world of the MoD, gathering news from across the Dice Masters community and keeping our regular readers up-to-date on what we’ve been getting up to.

Let’s get started with some “headlines & highlights…”

Headlines & Highlights

MoDPDM Online Tournament

For a number of years now we have organised face-to-face Dice Masters events for players in the UK. We run four a year (called “MoDPDMs”) and historically have travelled to FLGS’ across the UK that are supporters of the game to run a tournament.

The current lockdown situation in the UK right now means that we are unable to do this, so we have decided to run our Spring MoDPDM event online and invite all of our international friends from the online Dice Masters community to come play too.

If this is of interest to you then you can find all the details here:

Spring MoDPDM Online 2021

MoD Guest spot on “A Double, Double n’ Dice”

The “A Double, Double n’ Dice” podcast has been filling our airwaves with Dice Masters podcasting awesomeness for a whole year now, and on their anniversary episode we were asking along to join them!

It was super-fun to get together with Jocelyn & Kim and an honour to be their anniversary guests. It’s especially entertaining listening to Andy sweat the Avengers Vs x-Men quiz that Kim prepared for him!

we want to wish the DD&D crew a HAPPY ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY and hope that year two is as auspicious and amazing as year one.

To check the episode out head here:

A Double Double ‘n Dice Ep#27: Celebrate Good Times!

Guide to Playing Dice Masters Online

Last month we posted the latest addition to our “MoDCribZ” content theme. The MoDCribZ theme is were we provide simple “show & tell” support and advice to Dice Masters players who want to give playing the game online a go.

It is all now contained in one specific area of this website called “The MoDCribZ Ultimate Guide to Playing Dice Masters Online” and contains video guides, equipment advice, play etiquette info and much more to help new players interested in giving online play a go a helping hand.

Since its launch last month we have added even more advice & recommendations to the articles, so go check it out here:

MoDCribZ Ultimate Guide to Playing Dice Masters Online

Gearing Up – Accessories for Dice Masters
Legacy Dice Tower

Another content theme we’ve been building on in the last month or so is our “Gearing Up” theme. These are videos and articles in which we discuss game play accessories for the discerning Dice Masters player to bling up their game.

There’s been 2 areas where this has been taking place – over on our YouTube channel where we’ve been doing our “One Minute Reviews” of popular Dice Masters accessories, and here on the site with some show & tell “Gearing Up articles”.

Here’s some links to some recent examples:

Ultimate Guard Quadrow FlexxFolio One Minute Review

New Dice Masters Bling Early 2021

Draw & Roll Strip

Every month we bring a little levity and irreverent humour to the MoDFiles newsletter in the “Draw & Roll Strip” – graciously prepared by the exceptional artist talent of Stu.ART. This month’s instalment is a single image entitled “Kryptonite Crisis spoilers? Already?”


Want to know why the Wonder Woman in the new Kryptonite Crisis spoilers is so eye-catching? Go take a look in our gallery linked below:

DC Dice Masters Superman Kryptonite Crisis Spoilers & Info

MoDTube Round Up

The Ministry of Dice produces regular & consistent Dice Masters video content every week over on our Youtube channel. AND we put out a variety of videos on our sister channel ModXtra. Here are a few highlights from our February output…

We post live game play vids every week and there were a number of team building themes we played around with. In this video we were testing out some of the less powerful (but interesting) win conditions from the Infinity Gauntlet set.

AND, with the 10/10 format MoDPDM event coming up at the end of March we have also started to test out meta teams we think we will see in the tournament.

Yet more Superman Kryptonite Crisis spoilers made their way out into the world through February and Chris was on hand to offer up some thoughts on his top picks from the selection of previews.

Not a Dice Masters vid, but certainly of interest to Dice Masters fans. Over on our MoDXtra channel Chris did an unboxing of the new Marvel Smash Up expansion and shared a few initial thoughts.

These are just a small selection of highlights, but there is soooo much more besides on our YouTube channel. Click the button below to subscribe now…

And that’s just the highlights! We’ve posted a ton more than this and would highly recommend you subscribe to the channel to never miss out on our vids.

Useful Links & Getting MoD-Social

Speaking of subscribing/following: there are loads of ways to get involved and be a part of the Ministry of Dice community. Find our content, join the conversation on our social media, and contribute to the continuous improvement of the output with these links below…

There we are folks – you’re all up-to-date on the comings & goings of the MoD throughout February and looking forward across March.

We’ll be back with a new MoDFiles newsletter in early April- until then we hope you enjoy the content outlined above and hope to see some of you at the MoDPDM event on the 27th.

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