About Us

Welcome to “Brit Roller Six” – the UK based Dice Masters fan-site run by me; True Mister Six. I’m also one half of The Ministry of Dice – a podcasting dream team made up of me & Andy England.

This site offers a variety of content to suit all the needs of a Dice Masters player, new or tenured, casual or competitive. We have blog articles sharing team lists, tournament reports, spoiler news and other commentary about the game of Dice Masters that offer interesting & informed insights into the game. It’s a plethora of Dice Masters tips, strategy & ideas.

This also the home of The Ministry of Dice podcast, a bi-weekly entertainment event that brings even more fun to the Dice Masters community player. It brings chat & commentary on the game, exploration of teams, cards & combos, and amusing segments to give you a giggle.

AND, if that wasn’t enough, there is also compilation posts that feature recorded game play content from our YouTube channel so you can see the cards & combos we talk about in play. (You should totally check out our YouTube channel too if video is your thing – you can subscribe here: MoDTube)

Here’s a bit about us personally:

Chris aka True Mister Six

I’m a UK based player who started playing Dice Masters when the “Avengers Vs X-Men” set was released. I kicked off playing Dice Masters as a “kitchen table” player rolling dice with a friend, but as time went on I found that the game started dominating more & more of my limited brain’s think-y space. I was in love. Smitten with Dice Masters.

I couldn’t shake the obsession and my new addiction started to hit over drive around October 2015 – I got more involved in a couple of scenes at some Friendly Local Gaming Stores, increased my activity on the Dice Masters Sub-Reddit & at The Reserve Pool site (Remember that?), and interacted more on the Social media pages.


So – the purposes of this blog are many, but mostly it’s just an outlet for any general think-y thoughts about Dice Masters I may have. I’m particularly interested in getting a British voice out there and maybe give the wider Dice Masters community as a whole an insight into what’s going on over here in the UK scene. I’ll be talking about many themes besides though – I’ll re-cap events I’ve participated in, provide some thoughts on the community as a whole, contemplate & reflect on my increasing experience as a competitive player (The first game I’m ever really participated in competitive events), and give opinions on spoilers/new releases.

I’m not by any stretch of the imagination a top tier Dice Masters player or the best team builder – I thought I should just point that out to manage expectations – my stuff is probably not where you’ll be finding elite play advice if that’s what you may be looking for – but I am really passionate about Dice Masters, play often casually, and evangelise the game like a fanatic. I hope that may be of interest to some.

So – click around, have a read, watch a few of the embedded vids and listen to an episode or two of the podcast. I hope you enjoy…

Custom Mat

Andy England aka The Funny One on the Podcast

Hi, I’m Andy AKA Andy. Long time casual tabletop gamer and more recently competitive Dice Master and co-host on the Ministry of Dice podcast with the Brit Roller Six himself. I hope you find my opinions and thoughts on the game interesting 🙂 I love discussing, and hearing other’s opinions on the game so please comment and share your thoughts with me!

Andy England Card

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