BritRollersix/MoD Affiliates

We are a pair of Dice Masters fans at BritRollerSix/The MoD who love to make content and think it is the most fulfilling hobby ever.

BUT it can be a little costly and time-consuming and so we do a little fund-raising to help lighten the load a bit and keep the lights on a BritRollerSix Towers. Costs soon start to stack up and it can be hard to hide the expense from our better halves sometimes, especially as we are ambitious and eager to constantly improve ourselves and the experience for our audience, and this can sometimes mean purchasing new equipment or subscribing to a new service that will up our game.

Support the BritRollerSix & The Ministry of Dice

We do a little fundraising once a year (around May time, just before when our hosting renewals come due) and get the odd tip through the link at the bottom of the webpage, but we also have a handful of affiliate relationships that help us out too.

We know, we know… its a bit distasteful to talk about money and what not, and we’ll be the first to admit its a bit embarassing, but this is a great way to support BritRollerSix/the MoD/MoDXtra – and costs you nothing more than using one of the links below to do your normal shopping. When you do so we’ll get a little affiliate commission kick back. What have you got to lose?

So – save the links to your favourites and the next time you pick up a new board game, upgrade your webcam for online play, or buy some Dice Masters cards from eBay the fancy link will do the rest – you’ll have what you want and we’ll get a little help too. Couldn’t be easier.

Element Games

Not only is this a great, well respected online retailer of table-top games, but it also happens to be my local store as well, so this is a triple-whammy because you’ll get your product, we’ll get the kick back, AND you’ll be helping keep the doors open at my local store too, so I’ve got somewhere to go!

Zatu Games

Zatu Games are very well known gaming retailers in the UK and are reliable stockists of Dice Masters, even when sets have been hard to find. If you’re UK based and buying from them we’d love you to use our link.


Amazon’s affiliate programmes are a bit complicated, so please use the relevant link for your location below. Great for tech buys to get yourself playing Dice Masters online or picking up little knick knack accessories…

Amazon UK Amazon US Amazon Ca


Nowadays eBay is almost exclusively the best place to pick up Dice Masters singles out & about, but this link will give us a lovely, lovely kick back whatever you buy!