All the posts & updates for the MoDPDM Online Tournament taking place, in association with the UK Games Expo as part of their “Virtually Expo” event this year.

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The Ministry of Dice Episode 79 “Bumper, Extended UKGE 2020 Special”

Welcome to the bumper, extended, Dice Masters @ the UKGE 2020 special! On Saturday 22nd August twenty-seven members of the Online Dice Masters community got together to compete in the UK Games Expo’s “Virtually Expo” Dice Masters tournament – organised and ran by the Ministry of Dice (With a little help from our friends) ThisContinue reading “The Ministry of Dice Episode 79 “Bumper, Extended UKGE 2020 Special””

UKGE Guest Post – Shadowmeld’s Tournament Report

Hi folks – the first item in our post-event coverage kicks off with a tournament report from the one & only Shadowmeld himself. Shadowmeld performed exceptionally throughout the event, with his only loss coming in the final round against the eventual winner; General Nemesis. Enjoy Shadowmeld’s insights into his team and the event! TLDR: practiceContinue reading “UKGE Guest Post – Shadowmeld’s Tournament Report”