MoDTube Dice Masters Team Lists

Here is an archive of all the team lists we have used during our Wednesday night Live Dice Masters game play streams or in tournaments. It’s a work in progress right now but I’ve been diving back into our vids and MoDPDM events to get the lists together for your perusal.

We’ve organised them into the various themes, and will update or add new versions if we tinker & evolve them. Click the buttons below to be taken to the team collections, and click each team title to be taken to a Dice Coalition Team Builder link for of the list.


Casual/Mid-Tier Lists

Green Lantern: Human

Mid-Range Green Lantern list for EXO 2020

Boom Boom Actions

Golden Control team using Boom Boom: Time Bomb for the win con.


Modern team using Bobby Heenan & Foetid Bloat Drone FTW.

Andy’s Fish Food

Modern fun working with Aquaman’s life game to out-pace your opponent

Warrior’s 3

Andy’s Golden era Warrior’s 3 team, with added BiFrost shenanigans

She-Hulk/Drow Combo

Modern team to test out She-Hulk: Greeny’s text with the Obscure Drow Mercenary


Golden Iceman

Top 8 Euro Championships 2019 Team using Iceman: Right on Schedule

Golden Collector/Nobby

Top 4 UK National Championship 2018 Team Centred around the classic Collector/Nobby Combo

Summers Sisters

Classic Rachel Summers/Hope Summers Combo Team. Big board clear!

Collector/Nobby Variant

An updated variant of the Collector/Nobby combo. CRGR March 2020 One-Shot winner

UK Nats 2017 Winner

Golden team. Andy’s 2017 UK Nats winning team – classic Ultraman/Imprisoned list

UKGE 2020 Winner – SR Thor

The winner of the MoDPDM @ UKGE 2020 Online tournament.

Single Affiliation

X-Men Sidekicks

Golden X-Men team with Sidekick related combos

Combat Justice League

Golden Justice League team focused on winning with pumped up Hawkman

X-Men Villains

Golden Villain affiliation team made up of exclusively X-Men enemies.

Batman & Robin

Golden Bat-Family list looking to deliver lethal with unblock-able Robins

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Golden team built around the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

X-Men Tax Team

A Golden X-Men team built to tax the opponent and put pressure on with the BlackBird.

D&D Monsters

Golden Monsters team designed to keep a low opponent field with Valindra, Magic Missile and a Dragon.


Golden Thunderbolts team taking advantage of some unblockable characters in their roster

Single Set

Justice Villains Team

A team made of just Villains from the DC Justice Campaign box & Team Packs.

Batman Set Darkseid-centric

A team made of cards from the Batman set built around Darkseid & Parademon ping combo. BACs from DC only sets.

Infinity Gauntlet Corvus/Pizza

Infinity Gauntlet set only team using Rare Corvus Glaive, Pizza, and Doctor Strange for a Direct Damage win

Infinity Gauntlet Control

Infinity Gauntlet set only team utilising spin-down and Control cards to keep your opponent’s field low & ineffective

Warhammer 40K Stompa Team

A Single Set Warhammer 40K team (with open BACs) designed to get the big 9 cost Stompa out

Theme Teams

“The Harley & The Ivy”

Golden Christmas Theme Team using just Red & Green Dice. Added theme-tastic element with Harley/Ivy pun!

The Rainbow List

Golden team for a “Colours of the Rainbow” event. Super-friends Central focus using Jimmy Olsen

The 4th July

Golden team for a 4th July event. All cards must have 4 or 7 cost. Direct damage from “When Attacks” texts.

Black Manta Weenies

A Golden era team for a “Weenie Wars” theme (all purchase costs <3). Uses the Black Manta/Hush combo win con

Team Up Weenies

Another Golden Era “Weenie Wars” team built around Team Up & Unblock-able Pox Walker

Global Escalation

Colossus: Piotr Rasputin

Big direct damage from Colossus: Piotr Rasputin – with thanks to Hope Summers. Top 3 GE Euros 2019

Villainous Sidekicks

Turn your sidekicks into Villains using Malekith’s game text and combo with Black Manta & Kree Captain. Gaming Vs Cancer winner 2018

10 in 10

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