The Marketplace


Here are some of the stores (Mostly based in the UK) that support Dice Masters game play and carry regular stock. (*note* some of these are affiliate links, so if you shop there you’ll create a kick back to the MoD. It’s a lovely, convenient way to show your support.)

Element Games This is Chris’ local store, where he plays Dice Masters every Tuesday night

Fanboy 3 Another local store to Chris & long time supporter of the game. They don’t sell online but well worth a visit if you’re in Manchester

Taylored Games A great, family-run FLGS you should totally visit if you’re ever in Devon

Crescent Gaming Consortium Regular hosts of MoDPDM events & great Local store for Gaming needs in Leamington Spa

GTG Hobbies FLGS is the heart of Stoke-on-Trent. Long time supporter of f2f Dice Masters play & MoDPDM host

KD Games FLGS in Shoreham-by-Sea with an awesome local community of gamers

Zatu Games Large, UK based Online Retailer well known for its discount prices

iHRYsko The beating heart of Central European Dice Masters. One of the best places in the World

Wizkids Store Only ships to North America, but worth considering for our friends across the Atlantic

Bling Your Game

Here are some great options for creating custom accessories to bling up your Dice Masters game…

JoceStitch The best there is in custom Dice bags. Ships Worldwide

Patriot Games The place Chris gets all his custom Dice Masters play mats printed

Amazon Ideas List

Click the link below to be taken to a useful collection of bits n’ bobs on an Amazon ideas list. Mostly practical stuff for storage & transport we like to use at the MoD. (Affiliate Link)

Dice Masters Accessory Ideas on Amazon

eBay Dice Masters Listings

Singles retailers and discount prices are sometimes hard to come by for Dice Masters, but there is still a market for Singles on eBay and sealed product and some really incredible prices. Check out the live auctions currently at the button below…