The ModCribZ Ultimate Guide to Playing Dice Masters Online

Welcome to the”MoDCribZ” homepage – the starting point for all the best guidance from the Ministry of Dice for playing Dice Masters online.

The Ministry of Dice are massive supporters of playing Dice Masters online. We like to play every week, but with the both of us living over 200 miles away from each other regularly getting together for a game is just not a reality. All is OK though because we have the next best thing with a virtual alternative.

So, if you are struggling to get together to play face-to-face Dice Masters, or don’t have many players local to you to hook up with for a game, here is the “MoDCribZ Ultimate Guide to Playing Dice Masters Online”; our step-by-step instruction manual to getting to roll some bones online from your Crib. It includes practical tips to getting set up, how to find games, how to get involved in Online events/tournaments, and some insights from our experiences of playing Online for a number of years now.

To make some small contribution to online Dice Masters play the Ministry of Dice has been producing podcast segments and YouTube videos under the title MoDCribZ, and this guide is the latest addition to that effort from Andy & I and walks you through all the best ways we know for how to play Dice Masters online.

This is the homepage and the guide is divided into sections with each elaborated upon on a page of its own. To jump to a specific section then use one of the buttons at the bottom of the page to be taken to the subject you want to read about. To begin with though: here are a few “headlines” to start with…

The Basic Overview

Dice Masters has been played online for a number of years now

In an effort to support players with diminishing interest in their local area and to allow for International fans to have an opportunity to play together the approach described in this guide has been developed and tested to be used now by a dedicated community of online Dice Masters players on a regular basis.

Dice Masters is played online for realsies using webcams

While many other tabletop games are played entirely virtually using an app or a simulator the online Dice Masters community play using video conferencing services and webcams that are pointed at their real mat, rolling the real dice, talking live through a video call.

It’s not a perfect replication of the face-to-face play experience, but it can give a little bit of the best from both worlds and can be an extremely satisfying way to play, particularly if its difficult to get a game in your local area.

There is currently no virtual Dice Masters game

The method of playing Dice Masters online described in this guide have been developed and worked on by a dedicated community of Dice Masters players over a number of years. This was because there is no app-based/web-based version of the game and licensing challenges have prevented the creation & use of modules in services like Tabletop Simulator.

this is why we use the video calling approach – it still allows us to play but does not fall foul of Wizkids Game’s licensing concerns.

Dice Masters is Played Online by Players all over the world

There is already a consistent Dice Masters community of online players, located all over the world. The last online Dice Masters tournament the MoD hosted had players from 7 different countries in attendance. There is regular casual online organised play (weekly) and larger, more competitive events too. players from countries all over the world get involved and play – once you are set up you can get some games in pretty quick.

Remember though – Online play events, while often supported by Wizkids in a limited capacity, are all player organised.

How to Get Set Up – Quick Start

The long & the short of it is this – get a webcam, point it at your mat, join someone on a video call, and start playing.

For a quick guide & general overview of playing online check out our “Dice Masters Online Play Set Up (aka ‘MoDCribZ’)” video below. In it we demonstrate how we have set up our play spaces to get rolling online and give a little show & tell on using Video Conferencing:

You might also find the other videos in the MoDCribZ youTube series we did of interest – we collected short vids from a number of online Dice Masters players to demonstrate the length & breadth of diverse set ups individuals are using to get themselves some games.

MoDCribZ – Behind the Scenes of Online Dice Masters Playlist

Further Guides

We have also prepared some more detailed guides with specific details & examples to help out. Click the buttons below to be taken to your area of interest: