Useful Documents, Links & Resources

There are lots of little resources the discerning Dice Masters player could benefit from, both here at BritRollerSix and from across the wider web.

Here you will find a number of pages with some of the bits & pieces we find ourselves using frequently at The Ministry of Dice.

Dice Masters Promos Lists

A check list of all Promo & Organised Play kit Dice Masters cards

Latest Dice Masters Spoilers

A gallery of the latest spoilers for unreleased Dice Masters sets

Wizkids Official Solicits Page

The official Wizkids info page for new product. Use this to check for release date info

The Dice Coalition Deck Builder

The single most useful thing on this page – a digital team builder for creating Dice Masters team lists

The Marketplace

A collection of useful links to our favourite stores to buy Dice Masters & bling your game

Dice Masters Format Directory

A comprehensive list of casual formats & fun team building restrictions to bring your Dice Masters play some more flavour.

MoD Affiliate Partners

all of the BR6/MoD Content is supported by our audience. This page provides details of our retail affiliate partners that we get commission from across some links on this site.

MoDCribZ Ultimate Guide to Dice Masters Online

Find advice on how to get involved with the online play community.