Video Calling & Useful Sites

Here are some details of some services & sites frequently used by online Dice Masters players…

Video Conferencing Sites

The following Dice Masters websites have standing Video Conferencing rooms that can be used to meet up for games. These rooms use Google Hangouts and are permanently situated at these sites for general use…

Dice Coalition

DM North

CR Game Room

To make use of a room it is as simple as selecting a room number in the sub-menu (on all three sites) and clicking the link. You will be automatically taken to a Google Hangout for use. Tell your play-buddy the room number and they can do the same to meet you there.

Please be aware that these standing rooms are publicly accessible even when occupied. If you want to set up a Video Call privately then here are some services you can use…

Jitsi Meet

This service is used regularly by seasoned Dice Masters online players now that Google Hangouts no longer exists for general consumers.

We use it a lot at BR6/MoD and have had no issues with the service, however we have heard some reports of it being glitchy and unreliable for others. that said, with Google Hangouts now defunct its generally considered second best and is well respected and comes well reviewed by a wide range of users.

There is no registration or sign up required to use and has a fairly reasonable selection of functions available. (Not that a great deal is required for play online).

Zoom Video Conferencing

The Video Conferencing service that has shot to Worldwide fame during the pandemic, Zoom is a solid alternative.

It’s not quite as straight forward as Jitsi though; it does require account creation to use and is limited to 40 minutes per call without a corporate subscription.


The OG Video calling service, it fell out of favour a while back but is perfectly serviceable for a casually organised call between friends for a game.

Useful Websites to Familiarise Yourself With…

This section covers a handful of useful websites that are regularly used for online Dice Masters play. It can be helpful to make sure you have accounts with these services and are a little bit familiar with them…


The Dice Masters Online Discord server is where the vast majority of online tournament organisation takes place. Channels exist for regular Dice Masters Organised Play and additional channels will be made to accommodate larger, less frequent events.

If you haven’t used Discord before: it’s a Community driven communication tool that offers chat forums (“Channels”), video calling and instant message services, organised around Invite Only “Servers”. The Dice Masters server is called “Dice Masters Online” and the below button is linked to an open invitation to join…

This is a great place to find individuals to play with (in the #Looking-for-game channel) and is also where many tournament organisers set up channels to correspond about events and interact with players during the event taking place.


Many of the more formal online Dice Masters tournaments use Challonge. It is a tournament organisation system that can enrol/register participants, generate brackets, record results and much more.

There’s a wide range of functionality that enhances the online tournament experience so is a site you should consider registering on and getting familiar with if you intend on dipping your toe into the larger organised play Dice Masters online scene.

Click the button to be taken to the site…

The Wizkids Info Network

Some Dice Masters Online events are organised through Wizkids Game’s own event management system on the WIN (Wizkids Info Network). It can be useful on occasion to have an account there too. Here is the link to the site…

Mostly it is used to organise tournament brackets, but there is the Store Finder tool on the site as well, which may be worth a look at to see if there’s anything going on IRL in your local area.