You’re Helping Keep The Lights On!

We love doing this. Making the podcast, writing on the site, creating videos, running events brings us so much pleasure and enjoyment – it’s a hobby with purpose that gives us an outlet for our passion (and obsession) for Dice Masters.

It’s also improved us – we’ve learnt new skills along the way, made loads of great new friends, and stopped us from being lazy layabouts.

It means a tremendous amount to us that you’ve taken the time to part with your hard earned cash to help keep us going. We’re not going to lie: as much as we love doing this it can be a bit of a strain on our wallets – we’re just two working stiffs outside of our Nerd-Life that put most of our hard earned cash into our households & family life (And the occasional bottle of Limoncello). Cost of groceries keep going up, but our pay checks don’t, y’know.

Every little helps. You wouldn’t believe how much half-decent audio editing apps/programs have cost, the price of the monthly hosting subscriptions n’that we’ve committed to, how much we’ve funded for MoDPDM prizing out of our own pockets, and the price vaguely use-able equipment has all come to. Even making sure we’ve got enough memory space on the Cloud service we use to work remotely together on content comes with a bill. There’s room to  improve too – the programs & equipment we use currently are mid-range – and while we’ve made some improvements in the last year we are certain we could make our content even better with some tweaks to the software/hardware we use.

You continue to make this thing happen – and have contributed to our aim to be the best we can be.

Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.