Marvel Dice Masters Fantastic Four Vs Galactus Info & Spoilers

The Marvel Dice Masters Fantastic Four Vs Galactus has been announced. The Wizkids Solicits page currently has it estimated for June 2021. Go to this link here for news of the announcement: “New Dice Masters releases in 2021

Dice Masters Fantastic Four Vs Galactus set

Here is the official press release information:

For the first time ever, experience solo play in Dice Masters with this INCREDIBLE Dice Masters adventure in a box!

Get started with the Fantastic Four and see if you’re able to defeat Galactus! Ramp up the difficulty and see if you can beat him at FULL STRENGTH!

Featuring Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, The Thing, Invisible Woman, Doctor Doom, and more of the favorites from the World’s Greatest Comic Magazine!

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new format!


Fantastic Four Vs Galactus Speculation

Are you a comic book fan who likes to speculate? We are, and one of our favourite mini-games to play is the “Dice Masters speculation game”. we love to look at the game of Dice Masters through the lens of the source material and guess what a set might include. If you’re interested in our speculation, guess-work and assumption around the upcoming Fantastic Four Vs Galactus set then you may enjoy this video from our YouTube channel: